1. Fachcha


    1st day @ IIT Roorkee!! - Feeling awesome with Roommate, Wingie 1, Random Hot girl, Friend from hometown and 10 others who will absolutely lose importance in my life after 15 days.

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    2. School Buddy: Bina treat diye chala gaya bc?
      Know-it-all Uncle: Core leke achcha kiya. Evergreen branch hai. Proud of you beta!
      Mummy: Kitna patla ho gaya hai mera bachcha.
      New Friend 1: Arre shaam ko chicken khane chalte hain.
      Best Friend:Itne ladkon ek saath? *Insert gay joke*
      Random Hot girl: Hey, I am not even in the picture!
  2. Fachcha

    A post about the boring lectures:

    Just witnessed the extraordinary teaching standards at IIT. Greatest sleep I’ve had since I started preparing for JEE. - with Cute Batchmate, Future Branch changer, New best friend and some others whom I have started to hate.

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    2. The Know-it-all: I got the lecture, btw! :P
      Her Majesty(the girl in your class who thinks she is royalty, she really isn’t but come on this is an IIT you are talking about): why wasn’t I tagged?
      The-soon-to-be-Quoran:Why are these lectures so boring? I’ll have to find out.
      The sexy-and-he-knows-it-but-you-don’t: the back-benches are FUN...
      Funny guy: What do you do at night, then? *cough* porn *cough*
      Player: Don’t worry, your majesty. Next time, i’ll tag you first. *grin emoticon*
      The Soon-to-be-Branch-Changer: I think the lecture got interesting when he started with slide 44, line 11.
      The Who-is-This-Guy-Again: Ghissu spotted.
      The Pretty Kitty/Eye Candy : I hear you, girl. *tags her majesty*
  3. Fachcha

    Desperate Phase

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    2. Socially awkward friend: Phir log poochte hain ki hum socially awkward kyun hain :P
      Testosterone-fueled friend: weekend pe Delhi chalein kya? ;-) ;-)
  4. Had to pay a fine to kamla ma’am AGAIN :-(

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    2. The bestie: arre, to tu fine deti hi kyon hai, mai to nahi deti.
      The roomie: I think tu kal ka dena bhool gayi hai, Kamla ma’am ne phir poocha tha, “tumhari room-mate kahan hai?”
      The girl who posted this: And you’re telling me now...on facebook!!!
  5. Fachcha

    Class rep GPLed

    The most fun I’ve had kicking someone

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    2. The Soon-to-be-Branch-changer: @CR kindly post the numbers of the professors for our courses on the branch page
      The Still-Frustrated-Guy: tune profs ke numbers le bhi liye, wah! ek aur GPL to banti hai!
  6. guys timetable for the semester, in case you don’t have it already *timetable pic*

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      The lost cause: there was an 8 o’clock class?????? please tell me kissi ne meri proxy lagayi thi :-O
      The I-never-hear-the-alarm guy: abe tune to kaha tha ki monday ki 8 o’clock ki class cancel ho jayegi. dubara GPL dein kya
  7. Fachcha


    1. Infy Likes

    2. The lost cause: kya fayda, meri toh attendance back lag hi rahi hai.
      Ghissu:Mujhe bhi darr lag rha hai. Ek random din ek class nahi lagayi thi
      Class Rep: Chup kar bc! Ghissu Saala
      Extra Chill Guy:Kuch ni hoga! Chill maaro
  8. Fachcha

    ALS Challenge

    Ice bucket challenge season: 1st victim-the class rep

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    2. The roommate: At least iss bahaane naha to liya!
  9. Fachcha

    Exam Time

    Hey guys, kal ke paper ke last year’s question papers da do. ASAP

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      The Ghissu: haan guys, please daal do, jis kisi ke paas bhi hai
      The Know-it-all: and we thought ki tere paas to honge hi.
      The Soon-to-be-Branch-Changer: ye raha question paper *uploads question paper* time: 3 am in the morning on the day of the exam
      The Know-it-all: arre jaldi kya thi...aaram se deta!! *-_-*
  10. Fachcha

    Thomso Time!!

    ItS time foR thE "THOMSOmania to begIN.....ITS gONNA be fUn unlimitd…



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    2. The player: spelling to theek kar le pehle, huh!!!
  11. Fachcha

    Winter Break

    ĭŧŝ ģõöđ ţó bė bak Ĥömĕ...gonna meet school friends



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    2. Jealous college friend: abe teri SG kitni hai?
      Fachcha: saale, pata tha tu yahi bolega. meri khushi dekhi nahi jati tujhse?
      Jealous college friend: bata de bhai :*
      Fachcha: jaa aur *soon-to-be-branch-changer* se pooch le :P
  12. Fachcha

    Cogni Time

    Had an amazing time at cogni #random cogni guest_pic also

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    2. The Player: saale tune cogni mein kuch kiya bhi tha ya sirf ladhkiyoon ko dekh ke hi time amazing ho gaya!
      Fachcha: maine to ghar aaye mehmaanoin ki swagat kiya, tu to ladhkiyoon ke peechche Mood i chala gaya
  13. Fachcha


    Fachcha is in a relationship

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    2. The jealous friend: bhabhiji ka naam to bata de... :P
      Wingie 1: saale show off, chapo kab hai?
  14. Fachcha

    Weeks Later

    Nobody can tell you your true worth but you




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    2. The wingie 1: katt gaya na bhai tera…:P
      The bestie: aaj shaam chicken khaane chalte hai *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*
  15. Fachcha

    Bhawan Day(Big deal for boys)

    Rajendra Bhawan Day with wingie 1, wingie 2, wingie 3, wingie 4 and 5 others

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    2. The Satyawadi: Bhawan day pe bhi khana bakwas tha *:-(*
      Random Girl:pehli baar itne passes waste hote hue dekhe hain! :P
  16. Fachcha

    Topper's GPL

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    2. Previous Topper: Pichli baar meri li thi, iss baar poora badla lunga.
  17. Fachcha

    Wedding Crash

    Crashed a wedding for the first time! Khud ki shaadi mein bhi itna mazaa nhi aayega shayad :p

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    2. Random Uncle : Achha beta, to wo tum the.
      Fachcha: Paay lagu UncleJi!
  18. Fachcha

    #Fachcha Recruitments

    Recruitment season is here, SDS, IMG dono phod diya. Tough to choose between them.

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    2. Random senior who is in neither: SDS is always better. They are cool and you will learn a lot…blah blah… GSoC… blah blah… muzi… blah blah… girls.
      Random Relative: Proud of you beta, kaha ho?
  19. Fachcha

    Group Recruitments

    Finally, one step nearer to the future. Got selected in Audio Section!

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    2. Good Friend : saale bc. chapo! :p
      Hometown Friend: what does audio do?
      Fachcha: good question..
  20. Fachcha

    Blood Donation Camp

    Donated blood for the first time! Now I can finally say ki IIT ne mera khoon choos liya.

    1. All NSS Proficiency Holders and 1 other.

    2. The Hygienic Guy: Dude, you say that now? What about the countless mosquitoes we have!
      The social activist: I do it regularly, donating blood is the purest form of meditation. 1 bottle blood = 100 care.
  21. Fachcha

    Second Sem trips!

    Snow, Bonfires and Mafia! One of the best trips I’ve had. Ever!

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    2. The-girl-who-didn’t-come: Wow! Wish I had been there.
      Group Senior:Itna try to kiya tha tujhe convince karne ka -_-
      Boy-who-likes-the-girl-who-didn’t-come:Even I wish the same :p
      Girl’s Boyfriend : Who the hell are you?
  22. Fachcha

    Second Sem Exams

    Midterm Exams
    Going off FB
    #midterms #wish_me_luck

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    2. The Topper:GHISSU spotted. GPL!!
  23. Fachcha

    Second Sem ETE!

    Quizzes, Tutorials, Extra classes, Projects, Attendance problems. In the midst of these,endterms look so harmless :’(

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    2. The Know It All Guy :And yet we see you on fb 24x7. Padh le bhai, fir maze hi maze hai :p