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Life at IITR

College is a journey where one learns to cherish the little joys and revel in the magic of everyday life. Be it during one of the struggles to find a rare manuscript from Greek era hidden in the shelves of the huge library, or as one sits in front of the main building, counting stars under the breath like a hymn. This is an attempt to introduce you to the culture and heritage of IIT Roorkee. However, what you'll read here is just the tip of the iceberg, there's so much more to explore once you are here.

Excerpts from Experiences

  • A lot of the connections and friendships that I have made, cannot even be put into words, but I feel that those are what I am going to remember more than anything else.

    Jay Hitesh Bosamiya

    Computer Science Department
    (Batch of '17)

  • Whatever you do with these four years of your life should be your choice and only yours.

    Kushal Saharan

    Electronics and Communication Department
    (Batch of '16)

  • The grandeur of Roorkee truly lies in the systems that its inhabitants find themselves to be a part of.

    Dikshant Maheshwari

    Electrical Department
    (Batch of '17)

  • The four years in college are much like the bonsai version of life itself.

    Madhav Pathak

    Electrical Department
    (Batch of '16)

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