To-do List

A list of must haves and things required to help you have a wonderful stay at IIT Roorkee!

Visit old KB at night - There are many urban legends surrounding this eerie building near Govind bhawan. Over the years the curious inhabitants of R-land have cooked up quite a few stories to explain how the building got to its current state. Although there’s no evidence to support these outrageous claims, if haunted places and urban legends interest you, you should definitely pay old KB a visit at night and maybe decipher its mysteries yourself.

CBRI ke Paronthe - Most people agree that CBRI has the best paronthe in the entire campus. When you get bored of the terrible ones served at the bhavan canteens you should visit CBRI to taste its famous paronthes for a change.

Unplanned trips to mussoorie/rishikesh on a weekend - Making plans for trips during mid-term breaks or at the end of the semester is one thing but, nothing compares to the unplanned trips on weekends. Rishikesh and Mussoorie both being only a few hours away from Roorkee make for great options for blowing off steam after a hectic week of classes and work.

Mafia/Cards in front of the main building - The main building is a great place to hangout with your friends at night. Anytime you and your friends want to play cards or Mafia or anything for that matter, you should gather in front of the main building. Caution: Do not step on the grass in front of the main building. If you accidentally step or sit in the grass, you might have to endure the full force of the guard’s wrath.

Solani walk at 6am - If you end up pulling an all nighter with your friends, the best way to end it is by taking a walk to Solani park and watching the splendid sunrise along the banks of the Ganges.

Snagging Extra Sweets in the mess- Of all the toxic and inedible things served in the bhavan messes, the sweets you get occasionally are the only source of delight that the messes have to offer. Trouble is you only get one. So, tricking the mess workers and getting an extra one is something you should definitely try. The extra one always tastes sweeter than the first one.

Photo Courtesy: Photography Section, IITR
Video Courtesy: Cinematic Section, IITR
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